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Lengthened welding three-piece pneumatic ball valve

Lengthened welding three-piece pneumatic ball valve

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  • Date of issue:2021-04-27 14:54:22
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1. Overview of the lengthened welded pneumatic ball valve : The
lengthened welded pneumatic ball valve adopts an integrated structure and is matched with the ZMA pneumatic actuator. It is beautiful in appearance, light and cheap, fast in disassembly and assembly, flexible in operation, simple in matching, and large in flow capacity. It is widely used in food. In the industrial automation system of environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, papermaking, chemical industry, electric power and other industries.

2. Features of lengthened welded pneumatic ball valve:  1. The valve body and end cover adopt dewaxing precision casting  2. The valve stem is explosion-proof design  3. Butt welding and socket welding are optional          4. Full flow diameter floating ball  5. Use ISO5211 direct High platform design for installing the actuator  6, anti-static device between the ball valve and the ball   7, double disc-shaped shrapnel automatic compression packing design      




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