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Shanghai Gaochuan Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 2465, Hengcang Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

Phone 1: 021-56772777 

Phone 2: 021-56521514 

Phone 3:021-56521504

Fax: 021-56770777

QQ: 49453698

E-MAIL: gcvalve@126.com



Shanghai Gaochuan Valve has been committed to providing customers with a complete set of solutions for industrial valves. We have more than 50 experienced technical engineers who can provide you with professional technical support. We are committed to the design and research and development of vacuum valves , vacuum fittings, high-pressure valves and pipe fittings, adhere to the business philosophy of "pursuing outstanding brands, creating a brilliant century together", actively applying new technologies, new processes, and new materials to develop new products, and do our best to satisfy customers Requirements.


We have more than 50 experienced technical engineers who specialize in valve solutions. We use professional knowledge to help customers review valve specifications, customize and optimize application solutions.

-Training and guidance

We provide customers with training and guidance, including valve technology, valve operation and maintenance, etc. At the same time, we hold regular technical and quality seminars to enhance communication with customers.


We provide customers with round-the-clock, efficient support, including installation, transportation, final adjustment, etc., so as to extend the service life of the product.

-After-sales service

Provide customers with timely on-site maintenance, system inspection and evaluation, and spare parts supply. Our goal is to maintain long-term cooperation with customers and provide them with long-term services.


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 Address: No. 2465, Hengcang Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

Phone: 021-56772777 56521514 56521504

 Fax:021-56770777          QQ:49453698