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Internal thread three-way pneumatic ball valve

Internal thread three-way pneumatic ball valve

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  • Product overview
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1. Overview of the three-way threaded pneumatic ball valve : The
three-way threaded pneumatic ball valve is composed of a double (single) acting pneumatic piston actuator and a three-way ball valve. The valve body is divided into L type and T type. The pneumatic piston actuator adopts low-friction materials to make the bearing sleeve, and the inner and outer surfaces of the cylinder are treated with hard anodized anti-corrosion treatment, which greatly improves the service life of the cylinder. This product has stable performance and is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, electric power and other industrial sectors.

product name

Three-way threaded pneumatic ball valve

Product number


Product caliber


Product pressure

1.0Mpa-4.0 Mpa

Body material

Cast steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

Valve plate material

Cast steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

Drive method

Manual, pneumatic, electric

2. The main features of the three-way threaded pneumatic ball valve:

1. Compact structure, rapid opening and closing, unobstructed flow path and low fluid resistance.
2. Good sealing performance: the elastic deformation of the four-sided valve seat material PTFE is used to achieve leak-free sealing.
3. One valve for multiple purposes: any port can be used as an inlet without leakage. The three ports can be made into L-shaped ports or T-shaped ports.
4. Convenient maintenance: After the system is depressurized, inspection and maintenance can be carried out without dismantling the entire valve body.
5. It is widely applicable to the switching of the medium flow direction and the diversion or mixing of the medium in the pipeline system of water supply, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, textile, energy, paper, food, steel and so on.
Three, the main parameters of the pneumatic actuator:

Pneumatic actuators

AT series, ATE series single and double acting pneumatic actuators

Supply pressure


Air connection

G1/4", G1/8", G3/8", G1/2"

Action form

Single-acting pneumatic actuator, double-acting pneumatic actuator

Can be equipped with accessories

Solenoid valve, limit switch, two-piece, handwheel mechanism, etc.

Fourth, the main parts and materials of the pneumatic actuator:


AT pneumatic actuator


Aluminum alloy type material hard anodized

End cap

Die-cast aluminum alloy epoxy resin spraying


Die-cast aluminum


Steel nickel-phosphorus alloy




304 stainless steel

Material of main parts of the valve body of the three-way threaded pneumatic ball valve:

Part Name

Main material

Valve body

Cast steel, stainless steel 304, 316, 316L

Ball core

OCr18Ni9, OCr17Ni12Mo2

Valve seat



OCr18Ni9, OCr17Ni12Mo2


PTFE, flexible graphite


6. The principle of the medium flow direction of the threaded three-way pneumatic ball valve: The
three-way ball valve is divided into L type and T type. The medium flow direction is shown in the figure below. The L-type three-way ball valve is suitable for switching the flow direction of the medium and can connect two channels that are perpendicular to each other. The T-type three-way ball valve is suitable for the diversion, merging or flow direction switching of the medium. Two of the channels are connected, and the three-way ball valve generally adopts a two-seat structure, and can also adopt a four-seat structure according to user requirements.





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