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Brief description of vacuum valve

2021-03-12 10:17:19

In the vacuum system , the vacuum system components used to change the gas flow direction, adjust the gas flow, cut off or connect the pipeline are called vacuum valves .

The application areas of vacuum valves in vacuum systems are:

(1) The switch gas circuit is shown in Figure 1. When valve 1 and valve 4 are closed and valve 2 is opened, the mechanical vacuum pump III vacuums container I, and the gas flows through the pre-vacuum pumping pipe; when valve 2 is closed , When valve 4 is opened, the mechanical pump can vacuum the diffusion pump alone; when valve 1 and valve 4 are opened at the same time, the diffusion pump and the mechanical pump can work at the same time to evacuate the container, and then the gas flows through the diffusion pump. It can be seen that the application area of the valve in these actual operations is to switch the gas circuit and change the flow route of the gas flow.

(2) Control the gas flow and adjust the vacuum degree. In Figure 1, the opening angle of the valve cover of valve 1 can be adjusted to adjust the gas flow through the pipeline; valve 2 and valve 4 are closed, and the air release valve 3 can be used. Vent the inlet of the mechanical pump III to the atmosphere; the vacuum level in the container can be adjusted through the vent valve 5.

(3) Inflate according to the amount shown in Figure 2. There is a small hole of corresponding size on the plunger of the glass valve. When the small hole is turned to the right and connected to the high-pressure gas cylinder, the small hole can be filled with high-pressure gas; When turning to the left and communicating with the vacuum container, put the high-pressure gas of this size into the container, so that the application field of inflation according to the amount is played.

There are many types of vacuum valves , which are generally classified according to the valve's function , structure, drive form, material and application field.

The model compilation method of the vacuum valve is stipulated in the national professional standards, and the relevant standards can be read.

The vacuum gate valve is used as a cut-off medium. When it is fully opened, the entire flow is straight. At this time, the pressure loss of the medium operation is small.




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