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CF vacuum flange and pipe fittings

CF vacuum flange and pipe fittings

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Gaochuan provides knife-edge flanges ( CF flanges ) with sizes ranging from 1.33" to 16.5" with fixed and rotating options.

Gaochuan CF flange has the highest level of processing quality and clean packaging in line with ultra-high vacuum. We provide stainless steel materials such as SUS304/L·316LN.

The CF flange adopts OFHC (oxygen-free high-conductivity) copper material, referred to as oxygen-free copper gasket, which can effectively seal the combination with the CF flange, and the minimum pressure can reach 1x10-13 Torr.

Another advantage of the oxygen-free copper gasket is that it can be used in an environment of 450 degrees Celsius. However, oxygen-free copper gaskets are not recommended for repeated use.

In the environment of converting UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) and HV (High Vacuum), we also provide a whole series of conversion flanges and joint products. Please also refer to the adapter series.

Cleaning and packaging

All the solder joints of the product are 100% leak-tested. The product is cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The water quality uses deionized water that meets the requirements of semiconductors. The packaging environment is used in a high-clean environment to make the overall product combination and packaging to ensure the cleanliness of the product.


Application: Ultra-high vacuum

Material: 304/L·316LN

Flange size range: CF1.33"~16.5" standard pipe fitting diameter size range: 1/2"~6" (pipe fittings above 8" are customized)

Pressure range: 760 Torr~1x10-13Torr-304/L

760 Torr~1x10-13Torr-316LN ESR

Gasket material: OFHC oxygen-free copper or silver-plated surface

Temperature range: -190 degrees to 450 degrees Celsius





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