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Y-type manual high vacuum baffle valve

Y-type manual high vacuum baffle valve

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The high vacuum baffle valve is used to cut off and connect the airflow, with light movement and reliable work. Compressed air is the power, and the valve plate is driven by the screw rod, or the valve plate is opened and closed by rotating the hand wheel. The valve body material is carbon steel nickel-plated or stainless steel; the valve plate sealing material of the vacuum angle flapper valve is fluorine rubber. The vacuum flapper valve is used for the angle and three-way connections of vacuum pipelines.

A graphite-lubricated sliding piston ring is used between the upper part of the valve core and the valve cage cylinder of the hollow angle flapper valve to seal between the valve core and the valve cage.

Gaochuan Valve's products are exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Europe, Japan, South Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Gaochuan products have passed IS09001 quality management system certification, IS014001 environmental system certification, API6A, API6D and other series of certifications.

In order to reduce the effect of imbalance on the valve core, a large thrust actuator can be used, a straight-through double-seat valve structure, or a balanced valve core structure can be used. The gasket, spiral gasket, etc. between the valve cover and the upper valve cover are sealed. In addition, the fluid passes through the balance connecting hole on the top of the valve core of the vacuum flapper valve, and acts on the bottom and top of the valve core at the same time, and plays a considerable role, reducing the impact of vibration and other interference caused by fluid flow.




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