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Manual high vacuum ball valve

Manual high vacuum ball valve

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GU type-high vacuum ball valve

GU type high vacuum ball valve is used to connect or cut off the medium flow in the vacuum (pressure) system pipeline. Used in vacuum, dairy products, wine industry, bioengineering, food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and chemical fields.

Material of main parts

Valve body, valve cover, valve stem: stainless steel

Seals: tetrafluoroethylene, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, PPL.

The company's products cover vacuum valves , high-pressure valves and various pipe fittings. Vacuum valve series: more than 10 series such as high vacuum ball valve, high vacuum butterfly valve, high vacuum baffle valve , ultra high vacuum flapper valve , electromagnetic vacuum belt inflation valve, high vacuum fine-tuning valve, etc., widely used in: national defense, new energy, Research, aerospace, food and other fields.

Gaochuan has a production line from castings and forgings to finished products. Except for raw materials, standard parts, driving devices and seals, the rest are all factory castings.

The ball valve is not only simple in structure, but also small in size and light in weight. This method is also used in many places now, no matter whether the diameter is as small as a few millimeters or as large as a few meters, it is basically applicable from high vacuum to high pressure.




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