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Metal gaskets for vacuum pipe fittings

2021-04-20 02:04:26

(1) Ring metal gasket .

In the vacuum process, the metal ring gasket is a solid metal gasket with an octagonal or elliptical cross section and a radial self-tightening seal made of metal materials. Therefore, the metal ring gasket is in close contact with the inner and outer sides of the flange ladder groove (mainly the outer side) and forms a seal by pressing. The main performance of the octagonal ring gasket matched with the flange groove is surface contact. Compared with the elliptical ring gasket, although it is not easy to achieve close contact with the flange groove, it can be reused, and because the cross-section is a straight structure, it is easy to process. The oval ring gasket that is in line contact with the flange groove has good sealing performance, but requires high processing accuracy, which increases the manufacturing cost. At the same time, the oval ring gasket cannot be reused.

The nominal pressure applicable to the metal ring gasket is 2.0~42.0MPa.

(2) Metal toothed gasket.

Gasket introduction.

The utility model is a solid metal gasket, the cross section of which is in a sawtooth shape, the tooth pitch t=1.5~2mm, the tooth height=0.65~0.85mm, and the tooth tip width C=0.2~0.3mm. Cut several concentric circles into the shape of 7-16 teeth, and process them on the sealing surface according to the specifications and dimensions of the gasket.

The structure and advantages of the gasket.

The structure types include base type, outer ring type, inner ring type and inner ring type, among which base type structure is more common.

Because the V-shaped ribs in the contact area of the metal tooth gasket seal surface are in contact with multiple space lines with pressure differences, the sealing is reliable and the service cycle is long. Compared with ordinary metal gaskets, this gasket requires less pressure.

Its disadvantage is that every time the gasket is replaced, the double flange seal must be processed, and it is time-consuming. In addition, after the gasket is used, it is easy to leave indentations on the flange seal, so it is generally used for parts with less disassembly. Suitable for metal toothed gaskets with standard pressure of 1.6~25.0MPa.

Markup example.

The diameter is 100mm, the rated pressure is 6.3MPa, the material is 0Cr19Ni9 concave and convex surface pipe flange metal toothed gasket: toothed gasket 100-630Cr19Ni9JB/T88-1994.




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