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Vacuum technology materials and system design

2021-04-20 02:00:15

Stainless steel is an important material in vacuum technology, used to build boxes or components. The stainless steel at the flange connection has sufficient strength, even during the baking process, the hardness of the stainless steel is not affected. It can be welded to ensure its vacuum tightness, and the surface has been completely passivated, thus providing adequate protection for many applications.

The difference in most vacuum applications is small. However, in order to meet special requirements, a general assessment of individual cases should be carried out separately. For example: if a part requires material 1.4301, then it should have relevant material certificates. If it proves that only data 304 is required, it does not meet the requirements. At this time, the name in the certificate is very important. If it meets the corresponding material specifications, the manufacturer can also prove that the semi-finished product has multiple names. For example, if the material is proved to be 1.4301, 1.4307, 304 and 304L, its use will be more diversified.

In order to avoid the occurrence of problems, such as the acceptance of semi-finished products or parts during the system acceptance process, the requirements for materials and certification should be clarified in advance.

In the design of the vacuum system , it is necessary to ensure stable and reliable exhaust, easy installation, disassembly, and maintenance, convenient operation, and interchangeability between components. In order to achieve stable working exhaust, the main pump is required to have stable performance, flexible operation of each valve, reliable sealing, no leakage of joints of each component in the system, good sealing performance of the vacuum chamber, and standard size connection with vacuum components to ensure interchangeability . Theoretically, in the design of the vacuum system , the size of each closed pipeline should be adjustable. This kind of adjustable size was solved with hoses in previous designs. Nowadays, most systems do not use hoses when designing systems. And it is adopted to improve the processing dimensional accuracy of vacuum components and use the sealing rubber ring on the connecting flange to solve the installation error, which can improve the strength and rigidity of the system, reduce the use of brackets in the system, and make it more beautiful.

New technology is adopted to realize automatic control and interlocking protection of the vacuum system; due to the development of vacuum technology, it is required to realize automatic operation during the entire pumping process. For example, a vacuum relay is used to control the Roots pump to start working at a pressure of 1333Pa. The hydraulic relay is used to control the water pressure of the steam flow pump under the relevant pressure. When the water pressure is insufficient or the water is cut off, the power supply can be immediately cut off and an alarm is issued. Avoid the water pump from burning out. For equipment with high requirements for complex vacuum systems, processes and parameters, microcomputer program control should be adopted to make it more stable and reliable.

In order to save energy, reduce costs, easy to use, and reliable, the vacuum system is designed. This has great economic significance, and can make the designed vacuum application equipment widely sold in the market.




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