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Production and processing method of vacuum pipe fitting tee

2021-04-20 01:49:53

Tee is mainly used for main branch pipes to change the direction of fluid, also known as tee or tee fittings . In this way, how is the tee produced and what is the processing method of the tee ?

The processing methods of the tee are mainly as follows: 1. Forging: using a forging press (rotary, connecting rod, roller) to stretch the end or part of the pipe to reduce the outer diameter. Punching: Use a tapered core to expand the pipe end to the required size and shape, and punch on the punch. Third, the roller: used for round edge processing, put the core into the tube, and use the roller to push the outer circumference. 4. Rolling: It is suitable for the inner round edges of thick-walled pipes. Generally, mandrels are not used. Fifth, flatulence: Put the rubber into the tube and press it on the top with a compression mold to make the tube protruding into shape; injecting liquid into the middle of the tube and relying on the pressure of the liquid to make the tube bulge. Both methods can be used.

In addition, there is also a processing method for manufacturing tee pipe parts with a mold, which includes an upper mold and a lower mold. The lower mold is provided with a processing cavity, and the upper mold is provided with a processing block whose shape matches the shape of the processing cavity, and the processing cavity is a horizontal T-shape. Except for the T-shaped intersection, the intersection of the section of the processing cavity is semicircular, and the opening of the section is located on the upper surface of the lower mold. Therefore, the processing method of the three-way tube is changed, and the two semi-circular three-way tube parts are processed one by one. . Weld the openings of the two tubes and connect the two tubes together to increase the contact area of the two tubes and reduce the difficulty of welding. In addition, the semi-circular three-way pipe is easy to be placed on the ground without shaking, thereby further improving the processing stability. At the same time, avoid the situation that the traditional nozzle is easy to roll during the processing.

It is worth mentioning that the processing methods of reducing tee fittings are different, and professional processing equipment such as metal rods, propellers, commutators, brackets, etc. should be used. During operation, in order to form a reducing tee blank, the metal rod is heated first, and then the pipe wall is pushed out with a jack and the metal rod, and the pipe wall material is naturally poured out, and then the corresponding specification pipe section is welded to the ejector of the reducing tee blank. To produce products. The processing method of the reducer tee pipe is adopted, and the processing equipment has a simple structure and low cost, which is suitable for various occasions. No additional injection molding machines and injection molds are required to manufacture reducing tee fittings, which can reduce production costs and increase product output. This processing method is suitable for processing three-way pipe fittings of different specifications and different diameters.




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