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What is a high vacuum baffle valve? Electric vacuum ball valve manufacturers tell you

2021-03-12 11:52:32

The high vacuum baffle valve is used to open or cut off the air flow in the vacuum pipeline. The applicable medium is pure air and non-corrosive gas. The high vacuum flapper valve can be divided into GD-J rubber shaft seal and GD-J bellows shaft seal according to the shaft seal structure. According to the guiding type, GD-J is a corner pass type, and GD-S is a three-way type with a pre-suction port.

Material of main components.

Valve body, valve cover, valve stem: aluminum alloy, carbon steel or stainless steel.

Seals: nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, bellows (shaft seal).

Features of the product.

1. Standardized and modular design, easy to replace and maintain

2. Easy to clean design

3. The solenoid valve adopts energy-saving design and is small in size.

Main performance indicators.

1. Scope of application.

Valve plate pressure difference when opening: ≤1.2×10Pa in any direction.

Leakage rate of valve body and valve seat: ≤1.3×10Pals.

Recommended number of cycles before maintenance: 200,000 times.

Valve body baking temperature: ≤150℃.

2. Set up a place.

Manual drive: any-pneumatic drive: any.

Electromagnetic drive: any (bellows seal) sealing surface facing vacuum (fluorine seal)

Application of high vacuum baffle valve .

The vacuum valve is a part used to adjust the air flow, cut off or connect the pipeline in the vacuum system . The high-vacuum flapper valve is powered by compressed air, and the direction of the air path is changed through the electromagnetic reversing valve to execute the opening and closing movement of the flapper valve driven by the cylinder. It is suitable for opening and closing or blocking the airflow of the 1.3×10Pa~1.0×10Pa vacuum system . Baffle valves have the advantages of simple structure, short switching time, reliability, sturdiness and durability, automatic control, etc., and are widely used in high-tech fields such as electronics, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, space, materials, biomedicine, atomic energy, and space exploration. The design of the cylinder diameter and piston rod diameter of the high vacuum pneumatic baffle valve is very important. When the baffle valve is opened and closed, the unreasonable design of the cylinder and piston rod diameter will cause problems such as the valve cannot be opened and the closing time is long.




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