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What is an angle valve?

2021-03-12 11:50:45

The angle valve is an angle stop valve, which is similar to a ball valve, and its structure and characteristics are modified by the ball valve. The difference with the ball valve is that the outlet and inlet of the angle valve are at a right angle of 90 degrees. Angle valve is also called triangle valve, angle valve, angle valve. This is because the pipe forms a 90-degree angle at the angle valve, so it is called angle valve, angle valve and angle water valve.

The angle valve mainly plays four roles:

1. Civilian

① Transfer internal and external water outlets;

②If the water pressure is too large, it can be adjusted on the triangle valve, which is slightly smaller

③The function of the switch, if water leakage occurs, the triangle valve can be closed, and the main valve at home does not need to be closed.

④ Beautiful and elegant. Therefore, generally speaking, the decoration of a new house is an indispensable part of the water temperature, so the designer will also mention it when decorating the new house.

2. Industrial

The angle valve body has three ports: water inlet, water volume control port, and water outlet, so it is called triangle valve.

Of course, the angle valve is constantly improved. Although there are three ports, there are also angle valves that are not angled.

The angle valve referred to by the industry: the angle control valve is similar to the straight-through single-seat control valve except that the valve body is a right angle.

The characteristics of the angle valve .

1. The flow path is simple, the dead zone and the vortex zone are small, the cleaning effect of the medium itself is used to prevent the medium from clogging, and it has good self-cleaning performance.

2. The flow resistance is small, and the flow coefficient is greater than that of a single-seat valve, which is equivalent to that of a double-seat valve

It is suitable for places with high viscosity, high suspended solids and granular fluids or where right-angle pipes are required. The flow direction is generally bottom in and side out.

In special cases, it can be installed in reverse, that is, it can be accessed from the side.

The triangle valve has two types of hot and cold (identified by blue and red signs). Most manufacturers have the same material. The hot and cold signs are mainly used to distinguish which one is hot water and which one is cold water.




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