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Classification structure of butterfly valve

2021-03-12 11:43:14

The original butterfly valve is a simple, loose-closed flapper valve, which is usually used as a flow regulating valve and a damping valve in a water pipeline system.

With the application of chemical resistant synthetic rubber in butterfly valves, the performance of butterfly valves has been changed. Synthetic rubber has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, dimensional stability, good resilience, easy molding, and low cost. , And can choose different properties of synthetic rubber according to different use requirements to meet the use conditions of butterfly valves, so it is widely used in the manufacture of butterfly valve linings and elastic valve seats.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has strong corrosion resistance, stable performance, not easy to age, low friction coefficient, easy to form, stable in size, and can be filled with appropriate materials to improve its comprehensive performance, so as to obtain better strength and lower friction coefficient The butterfly valve sealing material overcomes some limitations of synthetic rubber. Therefore, polymer materials represented by polytetrafluoroethylene and their filling and modified materials have been widely used in butterfly valves, thereby further improving the performance of butterfly valves

In order to meet the requirements of high and low temperature, strong corrosion, long life and other industrial applications, metal seal butterfly valves have been greatly developed in the past ten years. With the application of alloy materials with high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, strong corrosion resistance, strong erosion resistance and high strength in butterfly valves, metal sealed butterfly valves have been widely used in high and low temperature, strong erosion, long life and other industrial fields. There are butterfly valves with large diameter (9750mm), high pressure (2.2kN/cm2), and wide temperature range (-102~606℃), which makes

With the application of computer-aided design, computer-aided manufacturing and flexible manufacturing systems in the valve industry, the design and manufacturing of butterfly valves have reached a new level. It not only innovated the valve design calculation method, but also reduced the heavy and repetitive daily design work of professional and technical personnel, so that technicians have more energy to improve the technical performance of products and the development of new products, shorten the cycle, and increase labor productivity.




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 Address: No. 2465, Hengcang Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

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