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Vacuum flapper valve manufacturers analyze the advantages of various valves

2021-03-12 11:32:31

Vacuum flapper valve manufacturers analyze thecharacteristics of various valves for you

Gate valve features: ① small fluid resistance; ② small torque required for opening and closing; ③ able to flow in two directions on the ring network pipeline, that is, the flow direction of the medium is not restricted; ④ when fully opened, the sealing surface is subject to operation The erosion of the medium is smaller than that of the stop valve; ⑤The body structure is relatively simple, and the production process performance is better; ⑥The structure length is relatively short.

The butterfly valve is a type of valve that uses a disc-type opening and closing member to reciprocate up and down by 90° to open, close and adjust the fluid channel.

The characteristics of the butterfly valve: ①Simple structure, small size, light weight, less consumables, don't use it in large-diameter valves; ②Open and close quickly, with low flow resistance; ③Can be used for medium with suspended solid particles, depending on the strength of the sealing surface It can also be used in powder and granular media. It can be applied to the two-way opening and closing and adjustment of ventilation and dust removal pipelines, and is widely used for gas pipelines and water channels in metallurgy, light industry, electric power, and petrochemical systems.

Features of the ball valve: ①It has low flow resistance (actually 0); ②Because it is not easy to get stuck during operation (when there is no lubricant), it can be used in corrosive media and low boiling point liquids. ③In Full sealing can be achieved within a large pressure and temperature range; ④ Short-time opening and closing can be realized, and the opening and closing time of some structures is only 0.05~0.1s to ensure that it can be used in the automation system of the test bench. When opening and closing the valve quickly, there is no impact in actual operation. ⑤Spherical shut-off parts can be automatically positioned at the boundary position; ⑥Operating medium can be sealed on both sides*; ⑦When fully open and fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and valve seat is isolated from the medium, so the medium passing through the valve at high speed It is not easy to cause corrosion of the sealing surface; ⑧ compact structure and light weight, it can be regarded as a reasonable valve structure for low-temperature medium systems; ⑨ valve body is symmetrical, especially the welded valve body structure, which can withstand very well The stress of the pipeline; ⑩The shut-off parts can withstand the high pressure difference when shutting down.




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