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The bottleneck of valve technology needs to be broken

2021-03-12 11:21:12

Valves are indispensable fluid control equipment in various sectors of the national economy such as petroleum, chemical industry, power stations, long-distance pipelines, shipbuilding, nuclear industry, various cryogenic engineering, aerospace, and offshore oil production. After more than 20 years of development, my country has more than 6,000 valve companies of various sizes, ranking first in the world, among which 900 have an annual output value of more than 5 million yuan.

According to the product situation, the Chinese valve industry has been able to produce gate valves, globe valves, vacuum valves , ball valves, butterfly valves, valves, check valves, throttle valves, plug valves, pressure reducing valves, diaphragm valves, traps, emergency shut-off valves, etc. More kinds of products. The high use temperature reaches 570℃, the low is -196℃, the high pressure is 600 MPa, and the large flow diameter reaches 5350 mm.

In addition, according to statistics from relevant departments, the annual turnover of my country's valve market is as high as 50 billion yuan, of which more than 10 billion yuan is occupied by foreign valve companies. Although my country's valve industry has made great progress through reform and opening up, there are still some problems: due to low-level repeated construction, the leading products of valve companies are still low-end mass products.

In addition, all kinds of valves produced by Chinese enterprises generally have defects such as external leakage, internal leakage, low appearance quality, short service life, inflexible operation, and unreliable valve electric devices and pneumatic devices. Some products are only equivalent to the level of the early 1980s. However, some valves required by high temperature, high pressure and key equipment still rely on imports. In addition, my country's valve industry has a large gap with foreign countries in terms of industrial structure, industrial chain, and industry professionalism.

According to the analysis of industry experts, the main reason for the low quality of domestic valve products is: After the rapid market expansion, the original state-owned valve enterprises have closed down and changed businesses, and private enterprises have developed rapidly. However, private enterprises have a low starting point, weak technical strength, poor equipment, and most of their products are imitated, especially low-pressure valves for water supply and drainage, which have more serious problems.




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 Address: No. 2465, Hengcang Road, Malu Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

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