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The working principle of gas pressure reducing valve

2021-03-12 11:18:49

1. The working principle of the oxygen pressure reducing valve.

The appearance and working principle of the oxygen pressure reducing valve.

The high-pressure chamber of the oxygen pressure reducing valve is connected to the steel cylinder, and the low-pressure chamber is the gas outlet, and the system is used. The display value of the vacuum baffle valve high pressure meter is the pressure of the gas stored in the cylinder. The outlet pressure of the low pressure gauge can be controlled by the adjusting screw.

When in use, first turn on the main switch of the bottle, and turn the pressure adjustment screw of the low pressure gauge clockwise to make the pressure reducing valve compress the main spring, drive the membrane, the spring pad and the ejector rod, and open the valve. In this way, the imported high-pressure gas enters the low-pressure chamber after the high-pressure chamber is reduced by throttling, and leads to the working system through the outlet. Rotate the adjusting screw to change the opening height of the valve and adjust the throughput of high-pressure gas to reach the required pressure value.

The pressure reducing valve is equipped with a valve. It is a device used to protect the pressure reducing valve, and it is also a signal device for the failure of the pressure reducing valve. If the outlet pressure rises by itself due to the damage of the movable door mat, movable door or other reasons, and exceeds a certain allowable value, the valve automatically opens to exhaust.

2. How to use the oxygen pressure reducing valve.

(1) There are many specifications of the oxygen pressure reducing valve according to the requirements of use. High inlet pressure is mostly low inlet pressure not less than 2.5 times of outlet pressure. There are many outlet pressure specifications, and the outlet pressure is generally high.

(2) When installing the pressure reducing valve, please confirm whether its connection specification is consistent with the connection of the cylinder and the system used. (3) The oxygen pressure reducing valve should be strictly prohibited from touching grease to avoid fire accidents.

(4) When stopping work, please clean the remaining air of the pressure reducing valve and loosen the adjusting screw to prevent the elastic parts from deforming under pressure for a long time.

(5) The pressure reducing valve should avoid shock and vibration, and should not come into contact with corrosive substances.

3. Other gas pressure reducing valves.

Some gases, such as nitrogen, air, argon, etc., can use an oxygen pressure reducing valve. However, if there is corrosive gas such as ammonia, a special pressure reducing valve is required.

The usage and precautions of these pressure reducing valves are basically the same as those of oxygen pressure reducing valves. But it should also be pointed out: the exclusive pressure reducing valve is generally not used for other gases. In order to prevent misuse, special connection ports are used between some exclusive pressure reducing valves and steel cylinders. For example, both hydrogen and alkane gas use left-hand thread, also known as reverse thread, so special attention should be paid when installing.




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