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Introduction of electric vacuum ball valve

2021-03-12 10:58:39

The electric vacuum ball valve is suitable for connecting or cutting offthe medium flow in the vacuum system . The valve adopts a rotary electric and electronically adjustable valve drive device. By switching the external power supply (controlled by a manual indicator switch or computer) or an external input signal, the valve can be opened, closed or intermediate position control. The valve is straight-through and sealed by a spherical surface, so it can be used under vacuum and low pressure. And can be installed in any location. Suitable working media are acidic and alkaline gases or liquids. Applicable medium temperature: standard sealing -25℃~+120℃, high temperature sealing -25℃~+230℃. Vacuum ball valve refers to a ball valve whose working pressure is lower than the standard atmospheric pressure and forms a constant vacuum.

Function of electric vacuum ball valve

Open and close the air circuit. When valves 1 and 4 are closed and valve 2 is opened, the mechanical vacuum pump iii evacuates the container I and air flows through the pre-evacuation pipe; when valve 2 is closed and valve 4 is opened, the mechanical pump can vacuum the diffusion pump independently. When valve 1 and valve 4 are opened at the same time, the diffusion pump and the mechanical pump can work at the same time to empty the container, at this time the air flows through the diffusion pump. It can be seen that the role of the valve in this operation is to open and close the air path and change the air flow path. 2. Control the air flow and adjust the vacuum degree. In Figure 1, the opening angle of the valve cover of valve 1 is adjusted to adjust the air flow through the pipeline; valves 2 and 4 are closed, and the inlet of the mechanical pump ⅲ is exhausted to the atmosphere through the exhaust valve 3; the vacuum in the container can be passed Exhaust valve 5 to adjust. 3. Inflate quantitatively, there is a small hole of fixed volume on the plunger of the glass valve. When the small hole rotates to the right and communicates with the high-pressure gas cylinder, the small hole can be filled with high-pressure gas; when it rotates to the left and communicates with the vacuum container, the volume of the high-pressure gas is put into the container to achieve quantitative The role of inflation. There are many types of vacuum valves, which are usually classified according to their function, structure type, driving method, material and purpose.




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